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How Can Hospitals Increase Their Top-line Without Charging Patients High?

How Can Hospitals Increase Their Top-line Without Charging Patient Too High?

When we think of what is ailing hospitals, we think of constant pressures to increase their top and bottom lines.  We do not see a consistent long-term strategy to engage with patients and to win their trust.  In today world where data is driving most decisions, hospitals still use traditional approach to decision making.  They are mired with...

Life Expectancy vs. Physician Density – Can we empower individuals and extend some help to our doctors?


A 2014 study presented in the Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research has observed – “countries with higher physician population ratios generally have lengthier life expectancies and for countries with lower physician population ratios the inverse is true.”  The study concludes “Physician to population ratios have a significant...