Category - Mental Health and Stress

Yoga- for fitness as well as keeping diseases at bay! Asanas for diabetes, hypertension

We have the Yoga Day coming up this Friday on 21st June 2019.  On this occasion, I wanted to share with you what I personally found great about this gentle form of exercise which builds you slow and steady from within. I once signed up for a climb of Mt.Kilimanjaro (it is a high altitude climb which is challenging and needs physical training)...

How a Desk Job Costs You More Than You Earn from it?

The modern era is characterized by extremely stressful and hectic lifestyles. One of the reasons behind this is the nature of our work environment and the type of jobs which we are assigned. One such example of a highly stressful job which has become commonplace nowadays and which can lead to certain serious health problems is the desk job, the...

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