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Yoga- for fitness as well as keeping diseases at bay! Asanas for diabetes, hypertension

We have the Yoga Day coming up this Friday on 21st June 2019.  On this occasion, I wanted to share with you what I personally found great about this gentle form of exercise which builds you slow and steady from within. I once signed up for a climb of Mt.Kilimanjaro (it is a high altitude climb which is challenging and needs physical training)...

9 Ways You Can Detox After-Party Effects

Past few days were real fun, huh! Late night parties, going for holiday destinations with your friends and family, meeting relatives or simply celebrating at home. All these most of the times leads overindulgence in food which is usually sweets, oily/fried or junk food and many a times alcohol. It’s likely that you will experience the unpleasant...

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