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Keto diet – What you should know before you choose this method for weight loss

 Image Source If you went into brain freeze looking at that plate, well… Keto plate doesn’t look this bad! In fact, it works counter-intuitive, encouraging you to eat more healthy fats and cut down carbs. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Karan Johar have adopted a Keto diet with success to shed some kilos. The...

One thing common between my grandma and twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – Intermittent fasting(know pros and cons)

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been evoking curiosity and criticism about his habits aimed at wellness. Like no meals on weekends – Friday through Sunday, ice baths, using a near infra-red bulb near his standing workstation to promote cell regeneration and anti-aging, etc., besides practicing vipassana meditation. Eating one meal per weekday and...

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