Why Knowing Your Family Medical History Important For You?

Why Knowing Your Family Medical History Important For You?

Most of us may not be aware or might tend to overlook the fact that many of our health problems can be traced to hereditary or genetic causes originating from our families. Medical science and various research studies in the field of medicine have revealed that many serious health issues have their roots in the patient’s family medical history. Thus, for the purpose of identifying the causes of and for the effective diagnosis of various health problems as well as for charting a proper course of their treatment, reliable and detailed knowledge of the patient’s family medical history is very essential. So, this article attempts to spread awareness about the benefits and the urgent need of tracing the family medical histories of the patients in order to get to the root cause of their health concerns and also to gauge what kind of ailments they might be most susceptible to and also for imparting more accurate and useful medical advice regarding the patient’s health and what kind of lifestyles they ought to lead to staying healthy.

Wondering about the reasons due to which it is so crucial to trace the family medical history?? Find out here:
  • We obtain our genes from our parents and many research has shown that a significant percentage of individuals are highly prone to suffering from fatal diseases such as cancer as a result of genetic factors. So, tracing the family medical history can enable us to accurately assess our susceptibility to such ailments and if we become aware of this risk within time, then we shall be able to initiate the necessary preventive measures or treatment before it gets too late.
  • Quite a large number of serious chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular ailments, rheumatoid arthritis etc. have been found to be caused by combination of lifestyle and hereditary factors, i.e. there is a very high chance that the family members or close relatives of the person who have been afflicted by those diseases also suffered from them. For instance, if a person’s parent had suffered from such disease at a certain age, then that person should undergo the necessary tests and screenings for that disease at the appropriate age which might be sooner or later than the age at which such tests and screenings are usually conducted.
  • Tracing the family medical history can assist a doctor in identifying the health problems which are most likely to affect the patient on the basis of the analysis and the study of the health issues that have plagued the patient’s various family members in the past. Doing so would further help in the timely and accurate diagnosis of various diseases and in deciding the type of preventive measures that have to be initiated to mitigate the patient’s risk of suffering from that particular ailment.
  • Research has also indicated that tracing the family medical history had an overall positive impact on the emotional as well as the physical health and well-being of individuals in the sense that it helped them in overcoming certain psychological problems if diagnosed early.

So, the study of the family medical history is vital as it can help in the accurate assessment of the health trends in the family as well as find out certain aspects that can prove to be decisive with respect to determining the dietary and various lifestyle changes that we should make in order to stay healthy and free from the diseases. Never forget that passing on this precious knowledge to your doctor and availing timely treatment and preventive measures for major health complications that can possibly arise for you in the near future can turn out to be the boon which can grant you a new and better life. The amount of effort that you have to undertake for this venture is not only totally worth it but is also actually a blessing in disguise for the long-term health benefits that it is bound to reap. Therefore, without wasting any more time, go ahead and put your very best foot forward in this endeavor now! 

The future awaits you!!

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