Guide to living healthy with certainty

Carna is official blog of Health Vectors. We believe, you can solve any problem, if you have access to right knowledge and tools. Similarly, authentic health data and insights can help fight chronic diseases. We bring you the best advice, so you can reduce your health risks.

All you need to know – Magnesium

What is magnesium and its role in the human body? Magnesium is an essential mineral for human nutrition.   It’s involved in over 600 cellular reactions in the body.  Its many functions include helping with muscle and nerve function, regulating blood pressure, and supporting the immune system.  Magnesium is helpful to help combat...

All you need to know – Zinc

What is Zinc? What role does it play? Zinc is a trace mineral, meaning that the body only needs small amounts. Zinc is needed for many of the chemical reactions which are going on inside us all the time at micro-level.  Zinc is also needed for: *Our immune systems to work well to fight off infection. *Healing of wounds. *Growing. ...

Eating healthy when eating out

While the best way to guarantee you’re eating good, healthy meals is to make your food yourself, even seasoned home chefs need a little time off here and there. At such times ordering in or getting a meal out with friends or family is the perfect solution.  While eating out or ordering in can be fun and tasty, its quiet possible to...

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