Green Tea is More Green for Your Health Than You Think

Nowadays, we have a huge range of options to choose from when it comes to nutrition. But unfortunately, fast food addiction is on the rise in countries like India especially among the young people and unhealthy dietary practices have been causing major health concerns for many people. So, in order to take our health in the desired direction, it is imperative to be aware of exactly what kind of foods and beverages we should include in our diet and what we must avoid. Foods and beverages with a number of health benefits are now available in the markets but we have to know which ones are the most appropriate for us and select them accordingly. Therefore, here in this article, the health benefits of one such beverage, i.e. green tea, are discussed for the purpose of motivating people to make proper decisions regarding health and nutrition their topmost priority and thereby achieve their health and fitness goals and improve their overall quality of life.                                                   

Do you know effects that the consumption of green tea can have on your health??

Green tea is considered as one of the most healthy beverages in the world and not without good reason. It has got a host of health benefits which many of us may not be fully familiar with. In case you are wondering whether or why you should go for green tea, read on below for the reasons:

  1. Green tea consumption on a regular basis makes you less prone to suffering from potentially fatal diseases like cancer since it contains polyphenols such as catechins which help your body in fighting the onset of many types of cancer. Furthermore, it boosts your immunity and it is recommended that you drink it regularly for treating such serious health problems.
  2.  Cardiovascular diseases have emerged as a major killer even among young Indians. In this context, green tea consumption can be especially helpful as it assists in safeguarding against heart ailments and also regulates cholesterol levels which are a major cause of cardiac conditions. Research has shown that those who consume green tea on a regular basis are significantly less prone to developing heart problems than the others.
  3. Green tea has certain properties due to which it is able to hinder the particular enzyme which raises blood pressure level, so green tea every day is helpful 
  4. At present in India obesity is the major health concern due to unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. opting for green tea combined with healthy physical activities definitely help reducing waistline as it’s antioxidant properties improve metabolic processes and functions can also aid in getting rid of excess or unwanted body fat.

  5. Green tea enables to have a much longer lifespan due to its extremely wide range of health benefits, regular consumption reduces the health problems which inevitably come with the old age.
  6. Most diseases and health problems are the result of weak immune systems. Green tea contains catechins which make immune systems far more strong and protect against a huge number of health problems by regulating and boosting the functioning capabilities of certain body cells.
  7. Green tea contains some amount of essential amino acid which goes a long way in improving the functioning capacity of the brain. In addition, it protects from deadly brain diseases like Alzheimer’s among elderly.
  8. Green tea prevents digestive disorders by regulating the functioning of various digestive enzymes, It also contains polyphenols and fluorides which help in fighting the microbes that are responsible for dental problems.
  9. Green tea contains copious amounts of antioxidants which helps prevent cell degeneration, boosts cognitive abilities, build stamina and rejuvenates skin. It also contains a small amount of tannin as well as caffeine which reduces the size of the blood vessels in the eye-region to fight puffiness and dark circles under eyes.
  10.  Many research says green tea hinders a certain hormone which causes baldness and hair loss thereby greatly improves hair texture and thus improve physical appearance and self-confidence.

Green tea is easily available at any retail store or can be purchased by ordering over the internet without any difficulty. Anybody can prepare it by reading the instructions on the tea pack. But be sure to choose the most well-known brands while buying your green tea. Although it has been found to have certain minor side effects, it’s immense health benefits easily negate these and as a healthy beverage which puts your overall health and well-being back on the right track, green tea is certainly one of the most feasible options which you can go for. In order to fully experience it’s positive health effects, you have to consume it on a regular basis according to your physician’s recommendations. When it comes to your health, you should take no chances and never settle for anything less than the very best because that is what you deserve. So go ahead and grab your pack of green tea and start enjoying it’s wholesome goodness now!!

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