How a Desk Job Costs You More Than You Earn from it?

The modern era is characterized by extremely stressful and hectic lifestyles. One of the reasons behind this is the nature of our work environment and the type of jobs which we are assigned. One such example of a highly stressful job which has become commonplace nowadays and which can lead to certain serious health problems is the desk job, the ill effects of which may not be quite obvious at the outset but their impact will be gradually felt later. Desk jobs may seem to be preferable and harmless to some people who are not aware of it’s negative side effects. So, in this article, the adverse effects of desk jobs will be highlighted to spread awareness about this issue among employees who are assigned such jobs and enable them to make the necessary lifestyle modifications required to overcome their health problems.

 What is meant by a desk job?

A type of employment in which you have to perform mostly everyday routine office work assigned to you by the organizations according to its requirements. You have to spend nearly all of your active working hours seated on a chair in your office room behind a desk with a computer screen sometimes for as long as even 8-10 hours a day is called a desk job.

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Looking for or currently doing a desk job? Here’s what you must know:
  1. Recently research has shown that desk job employees are much more at risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome, heart attacks, strokes, cancer etc. They are also more likely to have premature demises, decreased lifespans and slower metabolism rates. In India, more than 10 million cases of metabolic syndrome are reported every year.
  2. Faulty sitting posture is responsible for chronic disease like arthritis, it also enhances the risk of muscular skeletal systems of the body, in the long run. So changing postures every few minutes, taking short breaks in which you can go for walk and doing certain stretching exercises in between work can help you to alleviate the risks of these illnesses. So, you must always make it a point to maintain a correct and straight sitting posture and may take the help of sitting devices in this regard if necessary.
  3. Working for long, odd hours can lead to an expanding waistline and stress buildups, which affects your sleep pattern, memory, and cognitive abilities.  According to a survey, 46% of corporate sector employees in India who are mostly employed at desk jobs are afflicted by some kind of psychological disorder looking at the computer screens for prolonged periods of time can affect the vision and cause problems like headaches and migraines. A medical condition known as burnout stress syndrome has been known to affect about a third of the 7 million BPO employees in India who have to sit behind desks all day long. So make a habit of moving while sitting at your desk, standing up at regular intervals during your working hours, etc..
  4. Working with devices such as laptops, laser printers,  photocopiers etc.. for prolonged periods of time exceeding 10 hours are at a serious risk of having heart attacks, angina, and other deadly heart diseases.
  5. You often have to type for extremely long duration which can put a tremendous amount of strain on the wrists. It can be extremely painful and can even affect the arms and cause irreversible damage to the nerves and muscles of the arms and the wrists
  6.  Constant use of mouses without any break for longtime can inflict serious damage on the tendons because of the repetitive pressing of the fingers against the hard surface of the device. The strain that is put on the tendons can cause chronic muscle fatigue and even injure the upper-limbs

One out of every two corporate sector or desk job employees in India suffers from anxiety-related mental health issues. This condition can turn out to be quite serious and has even been known to lead to suicidal tendencies among such employees-about 1 in 20 employees have been found to have contemplated suicide and 36% have been diagnosed with serious psychiatric problems. So, if you have been assigned a desk job and want a long, happy and healthy future life, then start practicing healthy habits and incorporate major lifestyle changes by way of resolutions and goal-setting without any further delay. Always remember that ” You are the maker and the master of your own destiny” and act accordingly!! You can make a difference!!

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