How to Always Look Good and Prevent Premature Aging

The Menace of Premature Aging: Definition, Causes & Symptoms:

It is quite obvious that all of us want to look ever fresh and youthful. So, when our skin starts to age before it’s time, it can cause a tremendous amount of depression and lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. This phenomenon or medical condition known as premature aging or unnatural aging is the visible loss of the glow of our skin and complexion, along with the appearance of dark circles under our eyes as well as wrinkles, fine lines or dry inelastic skin etc. There are two very uncommon premature aging syndromes which can be genetically inherited. These are known as the Hutchinson – Gilford Syndrome and the Werner Syndrome. In both of these cases, premature aging is characterized by the thinning of the skin layers and the rapid loss of the elasticity and natural glow of the skin, a condition which is known as atrophy in medical terminology. The most common causes and symptoms of premature aging are discussed below:

# Lack of sleep: It is said that sleep is the best medicine. Our skin rejuvenates itself during sleeping hours and if we are lacking the necessary sleep that our bodies require, then our skin is bound to be adversely affected in the form of unnatural aging.


# Excessive smoking: The negative effects of tobacco are widely known and yet another harmful impact of smoking manifests itself in the form of premature aging of our skin which is caused by certain chemicals that are present in tobacco products like cigarettes.


# Sleeping on the side: Not many people are aware that this can cause a substantial amount of damage to our skin by breaking down the delicate skin of our face and thus leading to premature aging in the form of wrinkles.


# Pursing the lips and rubbing the eye-area: Doing these can cause the formation of wrinkles in our lips when we purse them during activities such as smoking etc. Moreover, we often tend to damage the sensitive skin around our eyes by excessive rubbing and pulling which can cause the appearance of dark circles and thus aggravate the effects of the unnatural aging process by breaking down the collagens and making the skin inelastic leading to ruptured capillaries as well as wrinkles.


# Unhealthy diet and binge drinking: Our skin is mainly a result of what we eat. An unhealthy diet can cause various serious ailments like obesity, diabetes, wrinkles and other skin problems like acne vulgaris etc. These skin problems such as acne and pimples, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of cognitive abilities can also be traced to excessive alcohol consumption.


# A sedentary lifestyle: Those of us who have become couch potatoes  and remain glued to the television sets for most of the time experience health problems like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, depression and other psychological disorders which can definitely cause premature aging.


# Too much stress and dieting and sunlight exposure: Anxiety and stress are the major causes of high blood pressure and a disturbed sleep cycle which inevitably causes premature aging. Also rapid weight loss through excessive dieting can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular ailments and ultimately premature aging.The people who are most severely affected by premature aging are the chain smokers and those who are exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period of time. Excessive exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can worsen the effects of premature aging to a very large extent.

# Other causes and symptoms: There are certain other factors which contribute to the problem of premature aging such as drug abuse and making poor health choices along with certain ailments and medical conditions. In the initial stages of the premature aging process, we often tend to neglect the first symptoms. This is especially true in the case of youngsters who are the illusion that age is on their side. But being aware of the symptoms of this condition can enable us to take the necessary steps in order to halt and reverse the aging process before it spirals out of control. Some typical symptoms of premature aging include dryness of skin, excessive desire for salt intake and consumption of salty foods, rapid hair loss, foul mood, bad temper and getting irritated or annoyed very easily as result of depression or some other psychological disorder and severe pain and weakness in our joints and our muscle tissues along with poor visibility or eyesight as well as a rapidly increasing waistline and a protruding belly.

Want to look younger for much longer? Here’s how:

For those of us who are not aware of this fact, prematurely aging skin can give rise to more serious health issues like skin cancer due to too much sunlight exposure and lung cancer due to smoking and tobacco use. It has been found through medical research that if a person does not suffer from any kind of disease or health problems, then he or she can live for as long as 120 years. But this is not happening at present in case of most people since the doctors and physicians are giving more priority to medications for the treatment of pain and surgical processes and are overlooking the crucial aspect of the age-reversing procedure. Thus, it has become imperative to study and analyse the methods which can help us in getting rid of the premature aging problem and reverse the aging process for as long as possible. Some points to emphasize this are discussed as follows:

  1. Maintaining a balanced diet and a proper sleep cycle as well as avoiding smoking and drinking: These are the first and foremost steps that we must take for stopping premature aging. Getting at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep every single night and incorporating foods like dark chocolate and foods that are low in sugar content and avoiding sugary foods are the basic measures without which we cannot hope to reverse the aging process. Then, bad habits like smoking and drinking must be totally avoided as these can cause irreparable damage to not only our skin but also our entire body system and have a disastrous effect on our overall health and well-being.
  2. Leading an active lifestyle: Avoiding watching too much television and adopting a healthy exercise routine can go a long way in reversing the aging process. Couch potatoes are much more prone to premature aging than physically active people.
  3. Avoiding straws and proper handling of our eyes: As had been stated earlier, drinking from a straw causes lines around our lips and so it is best to use a cup or glass for drinking instead of a straw. Also, when our eyes are weary and tired we must exercise extreme caution in order to avoid rubbing them and should ensure that we always wash them very carefully.
  4. Reducing stress and curbing rapid weight loss and maintaining a healthy waistline: Anxiety and stress are one of the primary causes due to which the premature aging process is set into motion. Nowadays, due to our hectic lives, this problem has become all the more prominent. In order to solve this, we should regularly practice yoga, meditation and other exercises which have a calming and soothing effect on our minds. Rapid weight loss can lead to a host of health problems not to mention premature aging and so this calls for adopting a well- balanced weight-loss program with a strict and disciplined maintenance routine. This will also help us to maintain a healthy waistline and proper Body Mass Index and thus keep various ailments like obesity at bay which are a result of excess body and belly fat and can also cause premature aging along with other much more serious health problems.
  5. Anti- ageing products and proper fluid intake and nutrition: As we age our skin naturally starts to lose it’s inherent lustre. In order to reverse the ageing process we must try out treatments like anti-ageing therapies along with properly balancing medicines. Drinking lots of water and proper intake of foods high in vitamins & anti-oxidants can help in halting the aging process.

According to a survey,  chronic malnutrition in adults can cause premature ageing along with certain other serious health concerns like weakened immune systems, fatigue, weakness and inability to work etc. This is a seriously alarming trend which must be reversed at any cost. If premature aging can be properly diagnosed and treated, then the longevity as well as the quality and standard of lives of the people affected by it can be improved immensely. Although it is beyond our power to exercise control over certain external factors and influences, it is very much possible to prevent premature aging by taking the right measures. For those of us who have neglected our initial premature aging symptoms, it is far better to start late than never. Taking the right decisions and steps at the right time can certainly make a world of difference regarding our future health and well-being. So before it gets too late, wake up to this problem and change your future life for the better.

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