Guide to living healthy with certainty

Carna is official blog of Health Vectors. We believe, you can solve any problem, if you have access to right knowledge and tools. Similarly, authentic health data and insights can help fight chronic diseases. We bring you the best advice, so you can reduce your health risks.

Heart Healthy Foods

A healthy diet is not just good for your waistline, but also for your heart. The food that you consume can influence all aspects of your heart health, right from blood pressure and inflammation to cholesterol levels and triglycerides.  Eating foods in their natural form, including fresh fruits and vegetables is beneficial for heart...

Sitting too much? This is what happens to your body.

Sitting for over 6 hours a day does not just give you a wide rear, but it also harms you in many more severe ways. Despite the growing availability of ergonomic products and workplace offerings like flexible gym hours, doctors believe many desk potatoes have already done lasting damage to their bodies as a result of sitting down all day. ...

Blood Donation- All You Need To Know.

Blood donation is a voluntary, selfless and most painless way to help save life of others, may it be in your community or victims of a disaster far from home. Being a blood donor can be helpful to you, too. .  WHO CAN DONATE BLOOD?  There are several parameters that determine the eligibility of an individual to donate blood...

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