Can You Understand Your Health Report Without Talking to a Doctor?

Understand Your Health Report Without Talking to a Doctor

The main purpose of a Health Report is to get true picture of our actual medical condition(s) and suggest effective remedial measures for all our medical problems/health issues. Being able to tell if we have any risk of certain diseases would be just icing on the cake. But the hard truth is that with all the advances in technology, healthcare has not moved forward as fast as other domains.

One of the key factors in how a patient chooses to engage with their hospital depends on how clearly can a hospital explain patients what their problems and risks are. Whereas the traditional health reports only provide factual information, in some cases sketchy solutions regarding medical condition(s) but it fails in analyzing our health risks. So the question remains:

Do you understand your health reports well?

Lets talk about a few things that could make it easier for us follow our health reports. Remember back in childhood when we used to receive our report card, we used to get highly excited? Excited to know how we performed. Excited to compare with others similar to us. Now what enabled us do that and shouldn’t our health reports be easy to follow? Let’s do a comparison and see if few of these can be implemented in our health reports to make them richer.

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#1 The Grade: Everybody knew how they performed in their exams based on their grades. Similarly if it done with our health too, it would become easy to establish clarity in our minds, thus also making our doctor’s job easy.

#2 Test Scores: Everybody knows that knowledge of health parameters is Greek to a patient unless explained by their doctor. However if somebody were to assign scores to these parameters or tests, wouldn’t it be easier to relate what is good and what is not. It would also eliminate efforts of going deep into individual parameters and forgetting that health as a whole is more important than focusing on a few parameters.

#3 Adding Some Colors: Traditional health reports are black and white loads of information that doesn’t help in differentiating levels of tests. Everybody knows use of colors makes plain content speak louder and clearer.

#4 Make Targets Clear: Performing for a better grade is something everybody works towards. Only a few make real progress, those who have clarity of their goals. So health reports should help doctors set clear goals such that patients don’t have any ambiguity regarding where they have to go.

#5 Explain Risk of Failure: Nobody wants to fail whether its education or health or anything else. Once proper targets are set, patients are also to understand the risk of not following those. Thus explaining them the risk of diseases they carry becomes very important in the process of making them healthier.

So we did exactly what was needed. And created beautiful health reports that makes patient’s life easier and enables doctors to engage patients at a higher level.

How does Health Vectors’ Reports help improving doctor and patient relationship?

In traditional health reports a doctor gets very less time to interact with patients, as he has to spend most of his time on analyzing all pieces of information presented to him in many pages.  In this limited time doctors do their best not to miss something and make patient understand their goals and targets really well. Not forgetting that he has to remind how and when to follow up to keep patient health in perfect shape.

In Health Vectors report, we summarize patient health really well. Highlighting important pieces with proper colors we help patients understand their health better. In addition we don’t forget to explain patients importance of Disease Risks. Based on test results, we explain risks of cardiovascular diseases. This helps keeping a tab of risks in addition to current health state. Then explaining them what their goals are and their importance. So the trajectory of current to future health is in the right direction most times.

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