Why coffee is good for you.

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages. In the recent times, scientists have studied the effect of coffee on various health aspects and the results have been quite amazing. Thanks to its high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, it also seems to be quite healthy.

Below are a few reasons why coffee is good for you. 

  1. Coffee can improve your energy levels – Coffee helps people feel less tired and have improved energy levels (1) and this is mainly because it contains the stimulant called Caffeine. Many controlled studies in humans show that coffee improves various aspects of brain function — including memory, mood, vigilance, energy levels, reaction times and general mental function (2,3). 
  2. Caffeine is found in almost all commercial grade fat burners, and that is because its natural substance that aids in fat burning. Studies have shown that caffeine can boost your metabolic rate (4). 
  3. Caffeine can help improve physical performance- Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, signaling fat cells to break down body fat (5) and it also increases adrenaline levels in your blood (6) which prepares your body for intense physical exertion. Caffeine breaks down body fat, making free fatty acids available as fuel. Its due to these reasons that caffeine can improve physical performance (7). Therefore, it makes sense to have a cup of coffee about half an hour before you head to the gym. 
  4. May lower risk of type 2 diabetes-Type 2 diabetes is a major health problem, currently affecting millions of people worldwide. Studies observe that people who drink the most coffee have a 23–50% lower risk of getting this disease (8,9). 
  5. May protect the liver- The liver carries out may vital functions in the body. Many common diseases like hepatitis, fatty liver disease etc.  primarily effect the liver and coffee drinking helps in curbing this (10,11). 
  6. Helps elevate mood- In a Harvard study published in 2011, women who consumed coffee daily had a 20% lower risk of becoming depressed (12). 

Even though moderate amounts of coffee are good for you, drinking way too much of it can be harmful. Also, keep in mind that some of the evidence is not strong. Many of the above studies were observational in nature. Such studies can only show association but cannot prove that coffee caused the benefits. If you want to ensure the potential health benefits of coffee, avoid adding sugar. And if drinking coffee tends to affect your sleep, don’t drink it after two in the afternoon. 

But in the end, one thing holds true: coffee may just be the healthiest beverage on the planet. 

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