Why is it important to have a good posture?

The fact that a lot of the important aspects of our lives are governed by our overall health and physical condition just cannot be denied. In this regard, our body posture plays an extremely key role. To know more about its importance in our daily lives first let us take a brief look at its meaning.



What is meant by good posture?

When we stand, sit or lie down, we try to hold or support our bodies in a vertical position in opposition to the gravitational pull. This position is also known as posture. For achieving an ideal or good posture, we have to learn to make our bodies to carry out the various common movements such as standing, sitting, walking etc in such a manner that the various muscles and the ligaments which enable and support these movements do not get damaged or sprained in any way whatsoever. This is also especially true when we have to lift and carry some weights or other heavy objects as the chances of spraining our muscles or ligaments are maximized in these instances.



Have doubts regarding your posture? Here’s why you should be concerned:

The correct body postures are indispensable for properly carrying out our various daily chores and activities. Additionally, it also plays an important role in determining our general physical and mental health and well-being. The reasons due to which we simply cannot afford to overlook our body postures and must ensure that all our postures are absolutely perfect are discussed below:

  1. Good posture enables our bodies to attain their optimum alignment levels and maximises the efficiency of our circulatory and digestive systems: When our bodies are able to achieve an ideal posture, our body organs can carry out their respective activities in the best possible manner. The digestive and the circulatory systems are no exceptions and as a result of a good body posture, the organs inside our abdomens achieve their intended positions without any risk of unwanted compressions which can prevent the gastrointestinal system from working properly. Poor posture can lead to various digestive disorders ranging from constipation to a hernia in more serious cases.
  2. It improves our confidence levels and self-esteem: Persons with good postures are usually seen as more attractive and preferable by others and this can have a huge impact on their personal, professional as well as social lives. Poor posture can damage a person’s prospects in various ways as they are less likely to be trusted and liked by others. Thus proper body postures can increase their chances of success and with it will inevitably boost their confidence and feeling of self-worth and help them in achieving a higher position in their societies.michael-henry-389395
  3. Enhances our cognitive efficiencies: Certain studies and researchers which have been conducted recently have revealed that as a good body posture enables us to breathe properly and maximizes our levels of oxygen intake, so it develops our memories and other cognitive abilities.
  4. It cures back and neck problems as well as problems of the spine:  a good posture enables our spinal cord to effectively provide proper support to our body and thus reduces muscle fatigue and sprains. On the other hand, bad postures put a lot of pressure on our muscles, tendons and ligaments to properly balance our body weight  thus leading to ineffective functioning and thereby severe pain in our backs and necks along with anxiety and headaches.

Due to the presence of poor and incorrect postures, there has been an alarming increase in the number of cases of lower back pain in India even among young Indians in their 20’s or 30’s and after the age of 30 back pain has seemingly become an unavoidable health issue in the country. For people who have had problems of poor posture over a number of years, a rigorous effort is needed in the form of religiously practicing various corrective exercises and movements to permanently get rid of this problem. With patience, perseverance, and consistency this is definitely achievable. So, if you think you need to correct your posture and positively change your life, start taking the necessary initiatives immediately. Just remember that if you have a good posture, then it can solve many of the problems that you may be currently facing in your life and take it towards a much better and more positive direction.

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  • Great Article! I also would like to share some tips to improve posture at work

    Ensure your lower back is properly supported
    Rest your feet on the floor
    Place your screen at eye level
    Keep your mouse close
    Avoid screen reflection
    Hold elbows at the sides creating an L-shape in the arms
    Relax the shoulders
    Adjust your chair height so that you can use the keyboard with your wrists and forearms straight and level with the floor
    Avoid phone strain

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